Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun Photo Edits

Photo editing is a fun and common thing to do nowadays. It can be done through in camera effects or a photo editing program and it is pretty fun to do. Here are some pictures I took using a one color focusing feature I found on my mom's camera, and then collage together using PicMonkey (A free online photo editor and collage maker).

I color focused in green, pink, and red respectively for each of these pictures.

I color focused in pink here.

All of these pictures were taken at my grandparents house while I was visiting them during the Fall. I had never used this function on a camera before so it was a fun experiment!



  1. Hi Ray~ Nice to meet you!. What a fun post!! I never have tried Pic Monkey.. maybe I'll give it a try.. your pictures look neat with the black and white back and pink coming though! How fun!!!

    I am going to need your mailing address for the cup of kindness swap... thank so much!!

  2. Pic Monkey is fun to use, your collages came out great. I did a fun photo effect on my recent post hope you can stop by and see it. Laura

  3. Hi Ray! I love Pic monkey, too! Do you ever use BeFunky? That is a good one, too.