Monday, October 28, 2013

Mass Effect N7 Helmet Project

Hey guys! I love Mass Effect!

This post is about a project I did over the summer. I had recently bought a limited edition Mass Effect longboard by Never Summer and Bioware.


Only.... I needed a helmet. So I went to the ARC Thrift Store and bought a cheap helmet. But it just wasn't cool enough to pair up with my new long board. I decided to spray paint the N7 stripe on it to make it match my new Mass Effect longboard and really make it stand out. First I had to get some of this old paint off.

Extra Strength Nail Polish Remover and old sponge!

These were useful in getting off some of the paint, here are some pics of the helmet mid paint removal:

Eww. Looks gross. Time for primer.

Much better.
Putting on a coat of primer covered up any paint that stayed on and also filled in some minor dents and scratches left behind from the previous user. Now for the first coat of paint. WHITE.


Now to add the red stripe. I had to wait for the white paint to dry, then I used paper and some painters tape to lock off the areas I didn't want paint on.

 Red Stripe.

Awesome! That red went on nicely! After it dried, I pulled off the paper and used some thin tape used in pinstriping and what-not to lay out the lines for where the white stops and the black begins. The wrench isn't for anything it was just in the background.

 Wrench and Tape

 Line one

 Both Lines

Okay! Here I put on some more paper to protect the stripes from overspray.

 Nice Paper

On to the black paint!

 I waited for that to dry and then took off the paper. Afterwards I got it ready for a wet sand. A lot of people assume that's something really fancy. It's literally taking a fine grain sandpaper and dunking it in a bucket of soapy water and then rubbing it all over your project. I had my dad do this step so I could take a picture.

Yeah! Water! Soap! Sandpaper! Bucket!

Then once that dried I sprayed clear coat on. WHICH WAS A HORRIBLE MISTAKE! You see I was using left over spray paint from other projects in tandem with some I had bought for this one. They weren't all the same brand, which means they didn't have all the same solvents, which means they can react with each other to form a crinkling or peeling effect. This wasn't so bad that anyone who wasn't critically examining the helmet or touching it could see it though so I decided to leave it that way. After all I knew it was a possibility when I started. But hey looks good anyway right?


That black spot on the white stripe was a bug. So don't worry I didn't scratch it already haha. Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this and if you have done any similar projects let me know!

-Stay Classy, Ray